Three Fs of the RV Camping Lifestyle: Family, Fun and Fellowship

2017 an image of family talking each other and RV parked behind them in Hiawatha, Iowa

There are flashier vacations out there than RV camping – gambling in Vegas, trips to Disneyland, and the bright lights of Broadway all hold their allure. But for fun, family and fellowship, there’s nothing like camping to bring a family together and create a lifetime of wonderful memories.

At Ketelsen RV, we’ve been enjoying the 3 Fs of camping by sponsoring our camping club for decades. We sponsor several large group camping weekends each year to places like the Amana RV Park and the Black Hills of South Dakota. Membership in our camping club is free and includes activities and entertainment like live music and dancing, great food and our very own variety show put on by group members.

Wherever you camp, whether it’s an organized weekend of like-minded RVers, a long journey, or just a quiet getaway at a state park, these are some of the benefits that contribute to the three Fs of RV camping:

  1. Teamwork – Camping in small spaces like an RV takes work and a communal effort. Successful campers set up camp together, cook together, and build fires together, each doing their part to make the camping experience fun. Learning to work together for the common good is the essence of the camping lifestyle. Many campers share that it’s these one-on-one times spent with parents or grandparents that make up their favorite childhood memories.
  2. Community – Like a small town, campsite campers tend to take care of each other. Whether it’s helping a neighbor tie down their camp site before a thunderstorm or keeping an eye on someone else’s kid, acts of neighborliness abound. Many families camp with the same group of people year after year,growing up together and passing on their camping traditions to the next generation. On the other hand, camping is a great way to meet new people, establishing new connections.
  3. Off the Grid – One of the great benefits of camping is getting us away from our desks, computers, televisions and so-called smart phones.Getting away from “civilization” removes all the distractions of day-to-day life, allowing us to focus on the fundamentals. While “disconnected”, everyone can slow down a little, make eye-contact and actually finish conversations. With renewed focus, you can get to know your family and friends at a deeper level, working and playing together without interruption.
  4. Fresh Air, Exercise and Laughter – Everyone is talking these days about how our sedentary, solitary lives are killing us. Camping gets us out the office, off the couch and places us just where we need to be to stay active and healthy, especially our kids. All the activities associated with camping – swimming, fishing, hiking and just generally running around the campsite having fun with the other kids – make us healthier and more social than staying at home or going on a traditional, hotel based vacation.

At Ketelsen RV, we don’t just sell units to strangers that we’ll never see again. We help to build the community we want to live in. Whether we’re showing you the latest in RV units and technology, sharing camping experiences or staying active in the community, we carry the values of family, fun and fellowship into everything we do.

If you have any questions or if you are ready look at some RVs, stop by Ketelsen RV in Hiawatha, IA and we’ll be glad to talk to you. For more RV News and Tips, please sign up for our newsletter.

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