RV Destination – Where to Set Up Camp

2017 an image of grass with RV parked behind in Hiawatha, Iowa

Because having the right place to make camp is crucial to successful camping trips, many campgrounds cater to the needs of RV campers. At Ketelsen RV, one of the best parts of our job is sponsoring and managing our RV Camper Club. We thoroughly enjoy holding three or four campouts each year at some of our favorite RV parks in the area with all the amenities our members need. Check out our Ketelsen RV Camper Club Calendar for more information on future adventures!

The RV parks we choose for our campouts include a variety of camping options from full hook-up sites with electrical, water and dump stations to simpler campsites for dry and tent camping with optional electricity. There is something for everyone and we have a great time every year.

Destination Planning

Whether you are planning a group outing with dozens of fellow RVers or just hitting the road solo, one of the best parts of owning an RV is the flexibility it provides your vacations and your lifestyle. No need to make airline reservations, find a hotel, or stick to a schedule.You can just gas up and go.

But, eventually, even RVers have to stop somewhere and for that you need to plan. When it comes to cost and comfort, your options run the entire spectrum. Having the right place to park your RV is paramount to enjoying your trip. Before you leave the house, make sure you’ve mapped out your options so you can do whatever level of camping you want to do when you get there.

Free or Very Low Cost Options

There are a number of free options for parking your RV if all that you need is a safe place to lay your head and don’t really need electrical or any other RV amenities available from a park. Walmart parking lots offer free RV parking in many cases.

Another popular option is parking your RV in the parking lot of a casino (where permitted). Some casinos even have RV amenities like sewer dumps, garbage bins or fresh water fills free or for just a small fee. Even truck stops offer a free, convenient option for the RV road warrior just needing a place to pull off for a few hours.

RV Parks with Various Amenities

There are RV parks all over the country and they all offer some level of RV amenities. There is generally a nightly or weekly fee for using these sites. Some even offer long-term campsite rental. It’s easy to find these campsites online now. Do your research in advance and be sure to check out reviews and articles from fellow RVers. For example, Midwest Living has created a great list of Midwest RV sites.

Figuring out your budget for RV parking can be tricky. You can find a relatively inexpensive RV campsite with the basic amenities like a concrete pad and hook ups for as little as $25 per night. Or, you can go big with a luxury RV resort for up to $100 a night or more. In many cases, reservations are important as camps can fill up quickly, particularly on summer weekends.

Private and Long Term RV Camping

Some RVers have no desire to join the masses at an RV park or hit the road overnighting in parking lots along the way. For these campers, it’s all about the destination. Many RV owners lease, buy and, in some cases, even build their own permanent campsites, treating their RV more like a cabin than a vehicle and putting it back into storage when (and if) the season ends.

At Ketelsen RV, we have over a century of combined experience doing RV camping all over this country and we love to share our experience with our customers on the best RVing in America. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to take an RV for a test drive, call or stop by today and one of our RV experts will be happy to answer all your questions. Or, join our Ketelsen Camper Club and start enjoying the RV lifestyle this year.

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