Benefits of Owning RV Toy Hauler

2017 a RV parked on the garage in Hiawatha, Iowa

One of the most popular RV travel trailers we sell these days is the toy hauler, also known as sport utility recreational vehicles (SURVs). Like the name implies, these units were primarily built to haul their owner’s toys – anything from motorcycles to snowmobiles to personal watercraft to golf carts. In addition, a toy hauler is a great way to add sleeping space and entertaining options to your RV experience.

These “toy boxes”, usually located at the rear of standard travel trailers and fifth wheels, have built-in cargo doors that convert to a ramp nearly as wide as the trailer itself. Sturdy and easy to maneuver, this set-up makes for easy loading and unloading. Just wheel or walk your cargo up the ramp and away you go.

Traditional Toy Hauler Benefits

RV enthusiasts are usually active people who appreciate convenience and the clever use of space. With a toy hauler, owners get many of the benefits of their garages at home with the convenience of mobility. For example:

  • the wide opening and built in ramp makes storing, loading and unloading your heavy, bulky toys a snap
  • the enclosed area provides security and protection from weather
  • the built in cargo space eliminates the need to tow a separate trailer
  • usually comes with (or has the option to add) at least one generator and an extra water tank

Many toy haulers are even equipped with a gas fueling station on the outside so you can top off your gas-powered toys before leaving your campsite.

Part Mobile Garage – Part Living Area

2017 a part of mobile garage in Hiawatha, Iowa

Many RV owners use their toy haulers for more than just storing their toys these days. In fact, many purchasers of toy haulers don’t even have toys. They are purchasing these toy haulers just to use the space for extra living area, offices or hobby rooms.

With fold-up sofas and queen beds that raise to the ceiling when not in use, toy hauler owners specialize in inventive ways to maximize their living space. Some use the empty cargo area for a traveling office while others dedicate the room to visiting and dining. Others skip loading cargo entirely, and fill the space up with standard sized furniture and mounted flat screen television. This then becomes extra living area that is “separate” from the rest of the RV. When the weather is nice, some even rig up the garage door/ramp to serve as a temporary outdoor deck and dining area to expand entertaining options.

Drawbacks of Toy Haulers

Of course, toy haulers aren’t for everyone. For RV owners who place a premium on finished space, you’ll notice that the portion of the square footage you gain for your toy hauler area will result in a somewhat smaller living area.

2017 a Dawback of Toy Hawler in Hiawatha, Iowa

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